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EPC Details

Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)

The GME Electronic Parts Catalogue or EPC as its better known is a software application. This application is produced by Opel Automobile GmbH for the benefit of its users who are trying to locate parts information for the cars produced by GME.

The primary users of the EPC are the dealers selling Opel Automobile GmbH specific brands (Opel, Vauxhall and Chevrolet Europe). These dealers regularly use the EPC product to identify parts fitted to cars for the benefit of the workshop (where cars come in for repairs) and for trade customers who are seeking the manufacturer’s genuine service parts (OEM parts).

The parts within the EPC are located using a generic vehicle breakdown e.g. body, engine, trim, etc. and each section is further broken down into more specific areas/products to aid the user in locating the parts.

In order to assist the dealer in further identifying the appropriate parts, EPC also uses the VIN (vehicle identification number) based filtering. The user can enter a VIN (which is normally found easily on the car) into the EPC and the user can then view all the options (e.g. electric windows, climate control, etc.) fitted to the vehicle. All of these options can then be applied to the EPC filters to help locate the correct part.