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TIS Details

Overview of TIS2Web features and data

You will find more detailed information on the following topics on this page

General Information

TIS2Web is a Technical Information System which is provided via the Internet and provides assistance to both privately owned workshops and fleet customers on the technically correct repair and maintenance of Opel vehicles.
You have direct access to the extensive information provided by Opel, direct and at first hand.
The sections below give you an initial overview, a few extracts of the types of service information available and a table of the vehicles which are described in the TIS2Web System.

Hardware Requirements

We keep a wide range of data available in TIS2Web in the form of texts and graphics. To ensure that these data are transferred to you at the best possible speed, TIS2Web is hosted in a particularly high performance central server environment. However, the actual transmission rate is equally dependent on the local system environment such as e.g. the Internet connection and the Internet Service Provider.

To ensure that TIS2Web provides the best possible service and meets your expectations, we recommend the following system requirements for your PC and Internet access.

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz
  • System Memory (RAM): 512 MB for document view application; 1GB for diagnostic and re-programming
  • Hard Disk: 40GB Hard Disk
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0 , Serial, VGAMonitor: 17 inch monitor
  • Internet access: DSL High Speed
  • Microsoft Windows operating system, from Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP (SP2)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 5.x, 6.x or 7.x
  • Basic mode: 800x600 Pixel / 256 colours
  • Expanded mode: 1024x768 Pixel / 65636 colours


Service- and Diagnosis Information

Service Information Types

The following TIS2Web Service Information Types are available to you in the Service & Diagnosis Information application without restriction when you have registered and purchased the subscription:

  1. Service Instructions:
  2. In the Service Instructions type of information you will find all the information about methods of installation and removal plus repair work and the special tools required.

  3. Wiring Diagram
  4. In the Wiring Diagram type of information, you will find information about system circuit diagrams, block circuit diagrams, wiring harness information, plug occupancy, laying wiring harnesses and repairing wiring harnesses.
    The wiring diagram information are available in electronic format for all models introduced after 1996.
    Wiring diagrams for older vehicles, which are not available in electronic format, can be ordered as paper broschure.

  5. Checking Procedure
  6. In the Checking Procedures type of information you will find the test instructions in table form which are needed for system diagnosis. The Checking Procedures are closely synchronised with the menu of the Opel/Vauxhall diagnostic tester Tech2 and the wiring diagram information.

  7. Specifications
  8. All the technical data for the vehicles are brought together in concise form in the Specifications type of information, e.g. tightening torques, technical data.

  9. New Technical Features
  10. All the descriptions of technical innovations at the start of a model year and from new vehicle launches are present in the New Technical Features type of information. This type of information offers an overview and can be used for private study.

  11. Service / Maintenance Plans
  12. The Service / Maintenance Plans type of information contains all the information about service intervals and the maintenance content for current Opel vehicles.

  13. Technical Service Bulletins
  14. The Technical Service Bulletins contain information on technical remedies for product problems which may occur above average.

Software Download - Tech 2

It is used to update the Tech 2 with the latest software version.

Following Tech 2 functionality is supported with the Tech 2:

Software Download - Tech 1 (no more updates)

Salesmake Version
Isuzu Isuzu 87-99
NAO 17.003
Opel/Vauxhall Pontiac APV 93-95
Opel/Vauxhall Opel/Vauxhall MSC 87-97 (without SPS)

no support of Service Programming System (SPS) for Tech 1

Service Programming System (SPS) of ECU's *

Many of the Electronic Control Units (ECU) are reprogrammable so that the software running on those units can be replaced by other software.
A new Service ECU can be programmed with the appropriate software as well. TIS2Web allows the transfer of new software to those ECUs using a Diagnostic Tool.
To start, ECU data is read out with a Diagnostic Tool and then transferred to TIS2Web. The new program will be selected and transferred to the Diagnostic Tool. Then, the programming of the ECU can be started.

VCI Request for Retrofitting/Reconfiguration

As of May 2016, the VCI code for some "Retrofits/Reconfigurations" will be charged according to "SPS Price Categories" documented in the TIS2Web Newsletter - SPS section.
The VCI process has been adapted and will follow these steps:

  • In the TIS2Web VCI request form, these retrofit/reconfiguration options will be followed by a 'Price Category'. Please select the correct option.
  • Enter your dealer information and submit the VCI request. Please be careful to enter the correct e-mail address.
  • Your VCI request form is being transferred to us and our team checks your input.
  • Before calculating the VCI code, we will send you an e-mail summarizing all the information. In that e-mail we explain to you which and how to buy the correct VCI Request - Price Category subscription in the portal GME Infotech.  Do not buy any subscription in advance as we may advise you to buy a different one.
  • Once we have your written proof that the needed subscription VCI Request - Price Category is paid, we will send you the VCI code.

Note that your VCI Request - Price Category is only valid for 24 hours.

Feature Software - with additional cost

As of May 2016, some controllers offer the following Software Versions:

  • Regular Software : this software is free of charge.
  • Feature Software - with additional cost : this software includes advanced features and therefore involves additional cost.

When you select "Feature Software - with additional cost" and proceed with "Next", you will get the following Error Message

E6798:  Please refer to the newsletter for more information.


To download the selected software, you first need to buy the corresponding subscription "Feature Software - with additional cost" in this portal.

To do so, proceed with the following steps:

  • Exit TIS2Web
  • Login with your account to the 'GME-Infotech Portal'.
  • In the Tab "Subscriptions", select the option "Renew subscription", select your Salesmake and navigate to the subscription Feature Software - with additional cost
  • Select it and press "Ok" to follow the purchasing process.
  • Once you have subscribed and finished the purchasing process, you will have the following new subscription added to your subscription list: Feature Software - with additional cost. Mind that it is only valid for one single download of this software within 24 hours.
  • When you want to download the Feature Software - with additional cost in TIS, it is important to start TIS from the previously added subscription: Feature Software - with additional cost. Only this gives you access to TIS2Web with the necessary rights to program this software. Starting TIS from any other subscription will refuse access to the software and comes up again with the above mentioned error message.
  • Start 'Service Programming System (SPS)', select the controller and the option Feature Software - with additional cost and start the download within the remaining time of your subscription.
  • After you finished downloading the Feature Software - with additional cost to your USB device, be aware of the post-programming instructions given at the end. You may print them.
  • Proceed with the USB Copy on this specific car and perform all related programming steps on other ECUs. If there is some specific software version, you can easily identify it looking for Software only for XYZ Feature Software during a software selection.
  • Once you have performed all related programming steps, logoff and continue working with your standard TIS subscription.

Note: If you want to program one more Feature Software - with additional cost, you first need to run the above steps again.


Security Access *

'Security Access' prevents unauthorized programming of vital functions in vehicles.

Some of the programming functions that use the Tech 2 are inaccessible without the enabling through TIS2Web. Some of the inaccessible programming functions that need 'Security Access' for their performance are:

  • Programming of the immobilizer
  • Programming of the transponder key

In order to perform these programming procedures it is necessary to get security access from TIS2Web.


Snapshot Upload gives the user several diagnostic enhancements for displaying recorded snapshots.

Techline Print

Techline Print gives the user the possibility to download data for comparison with the data displayed on Tech31/32.

GM DAT Loader – Software Download (only for Chevrolet)

The SCAN 100 Diagnostic and Programming Software for Chevrolet vehicles can be downloaded from the TIS newsletter only. According to the access level of the user a full version or a aftermarket version is available for download.

* Note: Those Tech 2 functions are subject to specific access terms and conditions. For details, refer to the General Terms & Conditions.

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